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dress the success


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dress the success

Aga can brighten the most gloomy day with her smile. Crazy, cheerful, with a character. Hedonist. She loves to enjoy the life and draws from it abundantly.
Aga believes that women should always take care of themselves and be financially independent. She loves the quote of Oscar Wilde “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

She passionately reads Forbes, but for the new edition of Vogue she is ready to drive halfway around the world!


She is fascinated by fashion. However, she never blindly follows it. Good quality can be sensed by her nose from the kilometer. She delights in simple but noble forms.
Aga is convinced that nothing makes a woman more beautiful than a good haircut, a sincere smile and a well-groomed hands.
She has a weakness for high heels and pencil skirts. But after work, you can spot her in the glamrock style. You want to know what’s in vogue? Ask Aga!




dress the success

Kate is a mum of three-year old Nathaly.

Fascinated by the minimalist idea of ​​”less is more”, promoter of the idea of ​​ the capsular wardrobe (i.e. cabinet composed of a small number of clothes forming multiple combinations).

She believes in the color analysis and persuades everyone for it!

Kate tries to convince women to get to know themselves better, to know their needs and to live authentically. She thinks that the authenticity is also reflected in our look.


Kate loves dresscode and classics. She is rather careful fashion observer. She always emphasizes not to blindly follow the trends, but choose from them what suits the person.


She loves ‘cleaning’ cupboards and making room for new opportunities. She encourages women to get rid of everything damaged, mismatched, inconsistent with the type of their beauty.


Kate believes that every woman should be each other’s support and best friend.